Xilinx Announces Joining the Open RAN Policy Coalition

July 30, 2020, Beijing, China – Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX), a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, today announced that it has joined the Open RAN Policy Coalition, dedicated to To provide strong support for the development and deployment of Open RAN 5G technology. Members of the Open RAN Policy Alliance advocate for Open RAN as a preferred solution to improve interoperability and security in a multi-vendor ecosystem.

Xilinx has been an active member of the O-RAN Alliance and one of the developers of the 3GPP specification for 5G mobile networks. By joining the Open RAN Policy Alliance, Xilinx will continue to work with alliance members and key stakeholders to ensure that 5G and future networks are open for development, interoperability, and flexibility.

“Xilinx has the most comprehensive set of devices and platforms required by today’s 5G radio, fronthaul and hardware acceleration solutions market, so the Open RAN 5G foundation The deployment of the facility represents a significant opportunity for Xilinx, and we are in a very favorable market position. We are honored to join the Open RAN Policy Alliance and will collaborate with other members A vision of a secure and open web’.”

“Altiostar is excited to see Xilinx join the Open RAN Policy Alliance and continue to help drive the future of open 5G networks,” said Thierry Maupile, executive vice president of strategy and product management at Altiostar. “Xilinx’s adaptive A great choice for RAN to achieve availability and to drive wider adoption of Open RAN.”

“As a founding member of the Open RAN Policy Alliance, Mavenir is excited to see Xilinx join the alliance,” said John Baker, senior vice president of Mavenir. “Xilinx is a leader in the wireless industry, and its adaptive technologies are performance and cost-effective. There is significant value and is in line with the goals of the Open RAN Policy Coalition to advance the future of Open RAN and interoperability interfaces for 5G infrastructure.”

Earlier this year, Telefonica, one of the world’s largest mobile network providers, announced a collaboration with Xilinx and other ecosystem partners on Open RAN. Xilinx silicon supports multiple standards, frequency bands, carrier frequencies and sub-networks used by Open RAN, which helps Telefonica provide a single and flexible platform for acceleration of radio, fronthaul and 4G/5G networks.

The Xilinx Adaptive Platform integrates a number of critical wireless functions within a single Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC, providing not only easy 5G integration for Open RAN solutions, but also investment protection. The Xilinx Versal™ AI Core family is a unique, advanced radio beamforming platform solution ideally suited for Open RAN massive MIMO platforms. From radio to fronthaul and acceleration, Xilinx will create field-proven 5G silicon solutions for the world’s leading 5G infrastructure providers.

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