Toshiba Introduces High Ripple Rejection Ratio, Low Noise LDO Regulators with Improved Power Line Stability

Shanghai, China, October 30, 2020 – Toshiba Electronic components and Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) today announced the launch of the “TCR3RM Series” consisting of 32 LDO voltage regulator products for smartphones and wearable devices and other mobile electronic devices to provide a more stable DC power supply. The first products in the series will begin shipping today, with others to follow.

Toshiba Introduces High Ripple Rejection Ratio, Low Noise LDO Regulators with Improved Power Line Stability

The new TCR3RM series combines a bandgap circuit, a low-pass filter (allowing only very low frequencies to pass), and a low-noise high-speed op amp to achieve industry-leading[1]High Ripple Rejection Ratio[2]and low output noise voltage.

The 32 products in the series offer a maximum output current of 300mA and output voltages between 0.9V and 4.5V. Customers can choose the output voltage according to the actual application.

This series of products is packaged in a compact DFN4C with a size of only 1mm x 1mm, and is suitable for use as a power supply for mobile devices that require high-density mounting, such as cameras, audio, and RF circuits in smartphones and wearable devices.

In an ordinary LDO regulator, when the input voltage noise frequency exceeds 1kHz, the ripple rejection ratio decreases by about 20dB for every tenfold increase in frequency. When the noise frequency exceeds 100kHz, the ripple rejection ratio decreases by about 40dB for every 10-fold increase in frequency. Therefore, LDO regulators may not be sufficient to eliminate noise generated in DC-DC converter circuits or similar circuits at frequencies above 100kHz.

The new product provides excellent ripple rejection ratio and output noise voltage characteristics, and can eliminate circuit noise even when the noise frequency reaches or exceeds 100kHz. This helps stabilize the supply voltage and provides high output voltage accuracy.


Mobile devices

ž Smartphone

ž Wearable devices

ž Audio system

ž RF circuit, etc.


ž High Ripple Rejection Ratio:

RR=100dB (typ.)@f=1kHz, VOUT=2.8V

RR=68dB (typ.)@f=100kHz, VOUT=2.8V

ž Low output noise voltage: VNO=5μVrms (typ.)@10Hz≤f≤100kHz

ž Low quiescent current: IB(ON)=7μA (typ.) @IOUT=0mA

ž Small and thin compact DFN4C package: 1.0mm×1.0mm, thickness=0.38mm (typ.)

Main Specifications:


[1] LDO regulator with maximum output current of 300mA, as of October 28, 2020 Toshiba survey results.

[2] Ripple rejection ratio (RR: Ripple rejection Ratio) is the same as the power supply rejection ratio (PSRR: Power Supply Rejection Ratio) marked on other manufacturers’ products.

[3] 32 products. This number indicates that the output voltage reaches “XX”.

[4] The exception is control pull-down current (ICT).

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