The three major operators intensively release large purchase orders for 5G construction

As the “new infrastructure” presses the accelerator button, the 5G construction as its representative field is unfolding at a high speed, and a number of 5G procurement projects are intensively announced.

The reporter learned from the China Telecom National 5G Phase II Project Construction Task Deployment Conference held recently that China Telecom will complete the co-construction of 250,000 5G base stations across the country in the third quarter, and strive to be the first to realize the commercialization of 5G SA.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, China Telecom made every effort to speed up the construction of new 5G infrastructure. As of March 8, China Telecom has newly opened more than 1,000 base stations dedicated to epidemic prevention and control, and has opened about 75,000 5G base stations nationwide.

In order to further speed up the 5G construction, on March 10, China Telecom and China Unicom released the “2020 5G SA New Construction Wireless Main Equipment Joint Centralized Procurement Project Centralized Prequalification Announcement”, starting the 5G SA wireless main equipment joint centralized procurement. The scale is not less than 250,000 stations.

China Mobile’s large-scale procurement has also been fully opened. On March 5, China Mobile issued an announcement to launch the 2020 centralized procurement bidding for new 5G SA core network equipment; on March 6, China Mobile released the 2020 5G Phase II wireless network main equipment centralized procurement announcement, involving a total of 28 provinces ( District, city) procurement indicators for a total of 232,143 5G base stations; on March 9, China Mobile announced the list of successful bidders for the centralized procurement of new parts of SPN (sliced ​​packet network) equipment from 2020 to 2021, which is the largest 5G network this year. Large-scale commercial has laid the foundation.

The recent large-scale centralized procurement of 5G equipment by the three major operators may mean that China will usher in a new round of unprecedented 5G network construction opportunities in the future. According to statistics, the 5G main equipment procurement plan recently released by the three major operators has involved nearly 500,000 base stations. Based on the current deployment cost of 200,000 yuan per base station, this part of the infrastructure investment alone will bring in 100 billion yuan. market opportunities.

Li Shan, director of the Wireless Application and Industry Research Department of the Radio Research Center of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, believes that the epidemic will affect the progress of domestic 5G development in the first quarter of this year to a certain extent, but will follow up in time in the later period. The epidemic will have little impact on my country’s 5G development throughout the year.

As the three major operators fully carry out 5G construction, other components of the basic communication network in the 5G era, including core network, transmission network, data center, etc., will also enter a period of accelerated development, ushering in a new round of construction climax.

(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

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