SUSE and Elektrobit Announce Technology Innovation for Edge Computing, Promoting Transformation and Development of the Automotive Industry

As we all know, the auto industry is about to change forever. The first stages of autonomous driving, connected cars and electrification are already here. As the speed of innovation across the automotive industry increases, the car is now as much a software platform as its chassis and engine. This fundamental industry shift from hardware-led to software-defined means a radical rethinking of what customer experience will be delivered by the best-selling automotive products of the future.

Today, we are pleased to announce that SUSE and Elektrobit (EB) have entered into a strategic partnership. Elektrobit is an award-winning, visionary global provider of embedded, connected software products and services to the automotive industry. The combination of Elektrobit’s automotive industry experience and SUSE’s IT infrastructure experience multiplies the potential for collaboration and will surely create a new generation of Linux-based operating systems for the smart cars of the future.

By combining Elektrobit’s automotive industry experience with SUSE’s leading edge in delivering mission-critical Linux and container technologies, we are committed to providing the automotive industry with a future-proof software platform that leverages continued innovation and innovation within a broad open source community. Extensive talent pool to meet key requirements around openness and transparency, enabling seamless system updates that can be downloaded remotely.

Ensuring safety and reliability is our top priority when developing open source solutions that fit the needs of automotive solutions. Not only because we understand what our customers care about, but also because we understand that customers want products they can trust. In my opinion, there is no better example of the importance of safety than a car. Elektrobit and SUSE are proud to have pioneered the automotive industry’s first Linux-based operating system.

Software-defined cars bring new experiences to both manufacturers and drivers. Owners no longer need to go to the auto store to replace outdated firmware. Maintenance and feature updates do not require a dealer appointment, but are delivered via automatic remote download. Autonomous driving means that the car is powered by software, and Linux will be at the heart of ensuring the performance and security of that software.

But even the best and most rigorously tested software requires maintenance, and bugs that are discovered need to be fixed in a timely manner. A few years after the first deployment, if a security hole is discovered, it must be patched and permanently closed. Our long-term commitment to security and reliability would not be possible without the continued attention and support of the Linux and open source communities.

SUSE has the advantage of a legacy of Linux technology, and this is our opportunity. This allows us to customize Linux and container solutions for automotive edge computing technologies. SUSE technology will power autonomous driving and ultimately create a technology platform that meets the needs of customers in their daily transportation. These days, automakers are very cautious about collaborating on this front, all expecting to partner with a company they can count on—and SUSE is one such company.

Alexander Kocher, President and Managing Director of Elektrobit, said: “We are honored to partner with SUSE to bring our vision to life. We are confident that together we will create cutting-edge solutions for the market that will transform the way cars are driven – not a short-term plan, but It’s the next-generation vision for the automotive industry.”

We clearly see that the use of open source technologies such as Linux in a security-conscious environment is just getting started. Products developed in partnership with Elektrobit will lay the foundation for software that can be deployed in other industries that are equally important to our lives, such as aerospace, healthcare, and more. I look forward to witnessing the implementation of this technology in related industries and the positive impact it has on the world.

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