ST’s Robust Isolated SiC Gate Drivers Save Space in a Narrow SO-8 Package

ST’s STGAP2SiCSN is a single-channel gate driver optimized for controlling silicon carbide MOSFETs in a space-saving narrow-body SO-8 package with robust performance and precise PWM control.

ST’s Robust Isolated SiC Gate Drivers Save Space in a Narrow SO-8 Package

SiC power technology is widely used to improve power conversion efficiency, and the SiC driver STGAP2SiCSN can simplify the design of energy-efficient power systems, drive and control circuits, save space, and enhance robustness and reliability. Target applications include EV charging systems, switch mode power supplies, high voltage power factor correctors (PFCs), DC/DC converters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), solar power generation, motor drive equipment, fans, factory automation, home appliances, induction cookers .

The STGAP2SiCSN has galvanic isolation between the gate drive channel and low voltage control and can tolerate voltages up to 1700V on the high voltage rail. The input to output propagation time is less than 75ns, which ensures high PWM control accuracy. ±100V/ns Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) for guaranteed switching reliability. Built-in protection features include under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown, and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) prevents SiC power switches from operating in inefficient or unsafe conditions through a threshold voltage. Thermal shutdown degrades both outputs of the driver after detecting excessive junction temperature.

The new product offers a choice of two configurations, the independent multi-output configuration can use external resistors to independently optimize turn-on and turn-off times, while the single-output configuration features source Miller clamping for enhanced robustness in high-frequency hard-switching applications, utilizing meter The LE clamp prevents excessive oscillation of the power switch.

STGAP2SiCSN logic inputs are compatible with TTL and CMOS logic signals down to 3.3V, simplifying connection to a host microcontroller or DSP processor. At gate drive voltages up to 26V, the driver can sink and source 4A maximum current. An on-chip bootstrap diode simplifies design and improves reliability, and a separate input pin for shutdown mode helps minimize system power consumption.

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