Starter!Tsinghua Unigroup helps China Telecom launch the integrated service of Tianyi cloud card

On November 11, the Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo was grandly opened in Guangzhou. As one of the three TOP smart (communication) exhibitions in the world, Tianyi Smart Ecological Expo leads the development of the global smart ecology and is of great vane significance. It is an important industry business card for China Telecom. With the theme of “Cloud and Network Integration, Digital Intelligence”, this expo comprehensively displayed innovation achievements in the fields of scientific and technological innovation, cloud network integration, digital life, network security and other fields. At the meeting, China Telecom and Ziguang Guowei launched a The E-surfing cloud card integrated service was unveiled for the first time, and many main booths such as China Telecom Group and E-surfing Digital Life focused on presenting the service and related products. At the same time, Tsinghua Unigroup also focused on displaying the smart chip ecological series products at the exhibition, and gave a wonderful demonstration of the integrated service of Tianyi cloud card, and many guests and audience stopped to experience it.

At present, the world is entering a period of rapid development of the digital economy, and human society is entering a new era of digital civilization. In the era of digital civilization, data has become the most important factor of production, and the value of digital assets has become increasingly prominent. As an innovation of digital intelligence technology, the integrated service of e-surfing cloud card pays great attention to the needs of digital life. It was launched by China Telecom and Ziguang Guowei, which deeply integrates e-surfing cloud disk and e-surfing large-capacity cloud card, creating a more convenient and more convenient service for users. Smarter and more reliable digital asset management experience.

E-surfing cloud disk has high-speed transmission, safe and reliable cloud storage capabilities; E-surfing large-capacity cloud card has large storage space, with 32GB, 64GB, 128GB storage specifications, can replace TF card to expand mobile phone storage. After connecting the two, the Tianyi cloud card integrated service not only allows users to obtain the large storage space of the local cloud card and network cloud disk at the same time, but also provides users with the cloud card integrated backup function. The important data of the mobile phone is encrypted and stored on the Tianyi large-capacity cloud card, and saved to the Tianyi cloud disk synchronously.

E-surfing cloud card integrated service fully meets the needs of users for storage, data security, and cloud services. After the important digital assets are backed up by double copies, they are anti-loss, anti-leakage, and anti-tampering, no matter what happens on the mobile phone, cloud, or card. Accidentally, data can be safely recovered.

At the same time, the innovative interaction of cloud card integration has also brought new momentum to the development of China’s telecommunications business. First, the capabilities of Tianyi cloud disk have been expanded, cloud + scenarios have been further enriched, and cloud + service experience has been further upgraded; second, cloud cards, as network entry and edge cloud expansion nodes, provide telecom development 5G and cloud disk users. Powerful assistance; third, the extension of the cloud card function to the cloud disk also promotes the deepening of the card slot operation, which is expected to accelerate the scale development of the mobile business; finally, the cross-border cooperation between the cloud and the card also connects the network and the terminal. It helps China Telecom to build an integrated platform for cloud, network, and terminal cards, cooperate with vertical industries to develop various smart applications, and better build a digital and beautiful life for users.

Driven by smart cores, accelerating the release of the vitality of the digital economy

The construction of the digital economy is inseparable from the driving of chips. my country’s “14th Five-Year Plan” outline clearly proposes to create new advantages in the digital economy, focus on key areas such as high-end chips and operating systems, and strengthen key core technology research. As a domestic leader in smart chips, Tsinghua Unimicron has been committed to continuously launching system solutions and innovative terminals based on the core capabilities of chips, enabling the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence in thousands of industries. At this expo, Ziguang Guowei also highlighted the cutting-edge achievements of the super smart chip ecology.

Among them, THD89 reappears as a star chip. This product is the first domestic chip that has obtained the global ultra-high security level certification SOGIS CC EAL6+, and is widely used in finance, communication, Internet of Vehicles and other industries; in the field of digital RMB, the main exhibition It has developed a mobile phone digital RMB hard wallet solution in cooperation with telecom and other operators, which can be applied to subway public transportation, education and medical care, government affairs payment and other scenarios, and is undergoing trial operation in several pilot cities; Lock products and management solutions have landed at the exhibition as smart city infrastructure. At present, they have been used in public rental housing, online room appointments, smart campuses, smart parks and other scenarios. They have been deployed in batches in more than ten provinces and cities such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu to help mobile population management. Digital intelligence upgrade.

In addition, the conference also highlighted the quantum security super SIM card. As the ecological application of super SIM card in the field of quantum technology, it can provide support for quantum encrypted calls, quantum security mobile office, quantum security financial payment and other scenarios. Long-term security of encrypted communication systems. At present, the quantum security super SIM card has been commercially used in the quantum secret phone products jointly incubated by Tsinghua Unigroup, China Telecom and Guodun Quantum. This product is also the first 5G encrypted communication application of the national quantum security communication trunk. It is of great significance to ensure security and realize the security development of network information.

In the journey towards digital civilization, innovation is undoubtedly the brightest background. Ziguang Guowei said that it will continue to build a digital world base with chip technology innovation, join hands with China Telecom and upstream and downstream partners to jointly develop a smart future, promote the construction of an open, healthy and safe digital ecology, and promote the in-depth integration of information technology and economic society and people’s livelihood , to help release the amplification, superposition and multiplication effects of digital on economic development.

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