Silicon Labs Software Development Kit Unify SDK Enables Breakthrough in IoT Wireless Connectivity

Beijing, China – September 15, 2021 – Silicon Labs (also known as Silicon Labs, NASDAQ: SLAB), a global leader in enabling a more connected world with secure, smart wireless technologies, today announced the launch of its all-in-one software development kit (Unify SDK) that provides Common building blocks for connectivity across the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Developers of IoT cloud services and platforms are now able to engineer world-class functionality into their devices and gateways with confidence that these products will interoperate between existing and emerging wireless protocols. The Unify SDK can provide out-of-the-box protocol-specific conversion capabilities for Z-Wave and Zigbee (available today), and plans to implement support for Bluetooth, Thread, OpenSync, and Matter, greatly simplifying the interoperability of IoT wireless networks, and supporting Enterprises to expand the smart home, city, building and industrial ecosystem.

“Silicon Labs’ Unify SDK brings the industry an important step forward, bringing it closer to a world where all IoT wireless devices can easily work together across multiple industries and in the home.” Matt, President of Silicon Labs Johnson said. “With the power of ‘design once, support it all’, the Unify SDK simplifies the update process, resulting in faster time-to-market, simplified maintenance and future-proof investments. This is the first time an IoT vendor has to develop and maintain a single software code library to support multiple IoT devices, including gateways, and easily add wireless protocol support if needed.”

Protocol Interoperability and Matter Enablement

As the IoT market experiences explosive growth, Silicon Labs’ Unify SDK comes into being, addressing a range of wireless protocols and more than 600 IoT platforms worldwide. The IoT industry is poised to confirm the Matter standard as the industry’s unified connectivity standard. In our expectation, IoT developers can use the Unify SDK to continue developing their products and platforms, and after the Matter standard is confirmed, it is easy to enable cross-platform wireless communication with Matter devices. For example, a Zigbee-based smart speaker can perform a software upgrade from the Unify SDK to enable Matter and then run both protocols simultaneously, preserving existing investments and allowing new wireless technologies to be added. Matter is backed by Apple, Amazon, Comcast, Google, Schneider Electric and numerous other ecosystem players. The Unify SDK will help accelerate industry adoption of Matter, extending the IoT platform to enable communication across ecosystems and wireless protocols.

More than 15 million IoT gateway products have been developed using Silicon Labs’ Series 1 and Series 2 wireless solutions, and these products are also at the heart of the new Unify SDK, which will help these gateways when the Matter standard is confirmed to be available to market The product is compatible with Matter. Likewise, businesses can choose to use Silicon Labs’ Unify SDK to develop IoT products for existing wireless protocols, including Zigbee and Z-Wave, and then use the Unify SDK to easily activate Matter network communications across their portfolio when the time comes. Function.

“The complexity of developing wireless connectivity products may be reaching its peak. As Matter gets closer to market entry and wireless development tools can support more and more protocols, we are entering an era of simplified wireless development.” Lee Ratliff, senior principal analyst for IoT and connectivity at international market research firm Omdia, said. “The need for connectivity across industries continues to rise rapidly. As IoT technology solutions improve, the burden on developers will be reduced and we can expect to see better performing and smarter applications in the future.”

Easier, faster development saves time and costs

Silicon Labs’ Unify SDK simplifies and accelerates development by providing common, well-defined data model application programming interfaces (APIs) and state definition capabilities for commonly used IoT services such as adding, updating, and removing devices. Protocol drivers can convert commonly used IoT services to protocol-specific formats such as Zigbee and Z-Wave. The Unify SDK simplifies interoperability between IoT wireless protocols by providing a set of modular and extensible software components in source code. A variety of IoT applications can benefit from the Unify SDK, including gateways, wireless access points, hubs, bridges, and host processor-based end products such as smart speakers, thermostats, smoke alarms, and cameras. By using Silicon Labs’ Unify SDK, IoT developers can focus on their core applications and bring their products to market faster and more cost-effectively.


Unify SDK for Z-Wave and Zigbee is available today. Support for Bluetooth, Thread, Matter and more protocols will be added to the Unify SDK in 2022. It is now available for download via GitHub. For more information, visit

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