SGS digital signature solution helps you easily identify the authenticity of the report

Shanghai, April 1, 2013 – Recently, the world’s leading third-party testing and certification organization SGS Standard Technology Services Co., Ltd. Restricted Substances Testing Service Department (hereinafter referred to as: SGS RSTS) officially launchedSGS Digital Signature Solutionsthat is, each Electronic version (PDF) test report issued in mainland China and Hong Kong will be loaded with a digital signature confirmed by SGS Group for free. The launch of this service can help customers to easily identify the report in a more intuitive way. Authenticity, avoiding market risks and losses caused by false reports to enterprises, and effectively safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises.

In recent years, as governments and consumers gradually realize the environmental pollution, resource waste, climate change and other issues brought about by the rapid economic development, governments are increasingly concerned about the effects of toxic and harmful substances in products on the environment and human health. risks, and established numerous environmental requirements and regulations to control these substances. And in international trade, for overseas customers, the biggest trouble is not the price, but the risk. These risks include whether the product is certified for quality, whether it is an environmentally friendly product, whether the supplier is reliable, etc. In order to minimize risks, customers need to use international standards to evaluate suppliers, which is directly related to purchase orders and consumers’ purchasing tendencies. At the same time, overseas customers place more emphasis on trust, and Chinese suppliers are often required by foreign buyers to provide test reports or other certification materials. In the face of numerous regulations and standards, electrical and electronic companies usually require suppliers to provide test reports issued by third-party testing agencies to prove that their products meet the requirements.

With a huge service network, rich experience and professional technology accumulated in the industry, SGS has been actively assisting enterprises to master the latest global green environmental protection regulations for many years, effectively avoiding export risks, and the test reports issued have been widely recognized by the industry. As early as 2011, in order to better implement and practice the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, SGS RSTS replaced paper reports with PDF electronic reports. Strong support and recognition. However, in today’s digital age, some individuals or manufacturers use the loopholes that PDF electronic reports can be tampered with, deliberately create false reports to disrupt the market, and try to get away with it. .

In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of the above problems and safeguard the interests of our customers, the SGS digital signature solution was officially launched a few days ago to help buyers easily identify the authenticity of PDF electronic reports. SGS digital signature uses public key encryption technology to verify digital information with good verification, integrity and non-repudiation. Assist enterprises to effectively identify whether the report is issued by SGS and whether the content has been altered or tampered with. The identification method is very simple: use Adobe Reader X or Adobe Arobat Reader 8.0 or later reader software to open the PDF electronic report, if you can see the correctly displayed SGS digital signature in the information bar of the PDF reader, you can judge it to be true ; otherwise, it is a false report or a non-original report. SGS recommends buyers to request their suppliers to provide the latest original SGS PDF electronic report in order to identify the authenticity and effectively reduce the company’s market risks and losses.

In addition, the SGS RSTS department provides a platform for the industry to share green product information in order to quickly transmit test reports between green product manufacturers and buyers. As early as 2005, the SGS restricted substance testing service database has been established. Officially launched, the system has become an information platform trusted by many customers. Through this platform, users can authorize the SGS test report of their products to buyers online for viewing, and buyers can easily view the authorized product reports online.

As an internationally renowned leader and innovator of third-party testing and certification services, SGS has the world’s largest network of regulatory experts, rich experience in hazardous substances control and widely recognized laboratories around the world, and can provide enterprises with a comprehensive one-stop shop Electrical and Electronic Solutions. Customized solutions for enterprises according to the needs of various levels of enterprises, including regulatory consultation, identification and risk assessment of hazardous substances, product optimization testing programs, inspection, testing and certification of hazardous substances, and professional training on hazardous substances process management systems etc., more reasonably save costs, improve management efficiency, and ensure the quality of green products for enterprises, thereby enhancing the added value of products, assisting enterprises to fundamentally solve the problem of “green” manufacturing, entering the international market smoothly and quickly, and promoting the greenness of the electrical and electronic industry. Environmentally friendly sustainable development.

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SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification body, recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS Group has more than 75,000 employees around the world, distributed in more than 1,500 branches and laboratories, forming a global service network.

SGS Standard Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established in 1991 by SGS Group and China Standard Technology Development Corporation, which was affiliated to the former State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It has established more than 50 branches and dozens of laboratories in China. , with more than 12,000 highly trained professionals.

The service capabilities of SGS cover the upstream and downstream supply chains of various industries such as agriculture, minerals, petrochemicals, industry, consumer goods, automobiles, and life sciences. In recent years, we have continued to innovate and forge ahead in the fields of environment, new energy, energy efficiency and low carbon. We are committed to promoting the harmony and win-win situation of economy, environment and society with professional testing and certification services, and provide domestic and foreign enterprises, governments and institutions. All-round sustainable development solutions.

As an excellent corporate citizen, SGS always manages the enterprise with a responsible attitude and gives back to the society. For example, in the Jiajiadai area of ​​Gansu Province, the construction of a school building and the long-term assignment of teaching staff have effectively improved the local education conditions; the energy efficiency assessment and renovation of the office space are carried out to reduce carbon emissions; , disaster relief, environmental protection and other public welfare activities.

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