Sai Microelectronics 8-inch MEMS international foundry line construction project completed

IT House June 2 news Beijing Sai Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (300456) issued an announcement that its holding subsidiary, Celex, invested and constructed the “8-inch MEMS international foundry line construction project” ( FAB3) In line with all the conditions for the completion acceptance, agree to the completion acceptance of the project.

MEMS, or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, can make resonators, RF switches, medical pressure sensors, inertial sensors, and more. The total design capacity of the 8-inch MEMS international foundry line is 30,000 MEMS wafers/month; the first-phase capacity is 10,000 MEMS wafers/month. The first-phase capacity has been completed in September 2020 and has reached the production conditions. Since the fourth quarter of 2020, we have continued to carry out internal commissioning of production lines and process and product verification with cooperative customers. The successive production of the company’s FAB3 will begin to provide standardized large-scale production capacity for the company’s MEMS business, and synergize with Sweden’s Silex to help the company transform from a MEMS “boutique factory” to a “mass production factory”, which can further meet the needs of global communications, biomedical, industrial The growing demand for MEMS process development and wafer manufacturing from customers in various fields such as automobiles and consumer electronics has enhanced the company’s global market competitiveness in the MEMS field.

IT House also learned that the Beijing MEMS production line of Saiwei Electronics is a new production line, and it will take a certain period of time from the start of production to the improvement of yield, the ramping of production capacity, and the full production; and the company plans to raise funds by issuing stocks to specific objects. Continue to invest for later expansion.

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