Professional battery provides stable power for wireless IoT devices

[Introduction]At present, more and more Electronic products on the market are operated with batteries. Various batteries are used to provide stable power for the devices. Combined with various low-power wireless connection technologies, these devices can run digital months or even years. This article will introduce you to the development of battery technology, as well as the product characteristics of various professional batteries launched by Duracell.

Professional battery provides stable power for wireless IoT devices

Batteries convert chemical energy into electricity

A battery is a device that can convert pre-stored chemical energy into electrical energy to provide external electrical energy for equipment. Multiple battery packs can be connected in parallel, in series or in series and parallel to provide higher voltage and current. The history of batteries can be traced back to the ancient Iraqi era more than 2,000 years ago, and the first real modern battery was invented by Italian chemist Alessandro Volta.

The types of batteries can be divided into chemical batteries and nuclear batteries according to their materials. At present, chemical batteries are mainly used in daily life. Chemical batteries can be mainly divided into disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries according to their operating principles.

Disposable batteries are commonly known as “disposable” batteries and primary batteries, because after their power is exhausted, they cannot be recharged and can only be discarded. Common disposable batteries include carbon-zinc batteries, alkaline-manganese batteries, and lithium batteries, as well as zinc batteries, zinc-air batteries, zinc-mercury batteries, mercury batteries, hydrogen-oxygen batteries, and magnesium-manganese batteries.

Rechargeable batteries, also known as secondary batteries, have the advantage that they can be used repeatedly after charging. They can be fully charged and discharged more than 200 times or even 2500 times. The output current load capacity of rechargeable batteries is higher than that of most disposable batteries. , common types include lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc.

In order to facilitate the adaptation between the battery and the device, except for some special batteries developed for specific products, the specifications and sizes of the batteries have been standardized. The general-purpose battery specifications include standard sizes such as AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V. There are also button-type lithium batteries such as CR2016, CR1616, CR2430, CR2025, CR1620, CR2450, CR2032, CR1632, CR2477, and lithium batteries with special specifications such as 28L, CR2, CR123, and 245.

Professional battery provides stable power for wireless IoT devices

Duracell is currently the most important battery manufacturer

There are many battery brands on the market. From the perspective of market share and popularity, Duracell is undoubtedly the most important battery brand and manufacturer at present. The story of Duracell begins in 1920 with an innovative scientist named Samuel Ruben and an aggressive tungsten wire manufacturer named Philip Rogers Mallory who co-founded PR Mallory company, laid the cornerstone of Duracell company. Duracell’s first alkaline batteries were created during the Mallory brand, these new generation batteries were originally designed for Kodak’s power-hungry built-in flash cameras until 1965, the Duracell brand Officially launched on the market, its batteries are directly supplied to many professional camera manufacturers, as well as used in some portable devices, such as recorders and walkie-talkies.

In 1971, Duracell began to use its signature copper black, two colors that represent conductivity, strength, and a premium battery formulation. Duracell was the first battery brand to advertise on TV and quickly became a household name. In 1973, the Duracell Bunny was born, and since then the Bunny has become a symbol of the Duracell’s longer-lasting power compared to other ordinary carbon-zinc batteries. In 2016, Berkshire Hathaway acquired Duracell and became a permanent Berkshire subsidiary.

In 2018, Duracell invested in a new B2B area of ​​expertise to help device makers supply high-quality batteries for everything from smart homes to medical. By 2020, Duracell will launch a dual-formula battery combination to the Asian professional market – PROCELL low current discharge battery and PROCELL Intense high current discharge battery, PROCELL low current discharge battery is mainly used for small batteries. Low-current devices that last for a long time, PROCELL Intense high-current discharge batteries, are used to operate motors, pumps and other high-current devices that generate driving force.

Professional battery provides stable power for wireless IoT devices

High consistency and high quality recognized by the market

Duracell’s battery products can be affirmed by the market and users, mainly due to its pursuit of quality consistency and reliability. Duracell’s continuous investment in manufacturing enables it to have higher consistency and high quality. Extends battery life and provides consistent battery performance.

For example, Duracell uses strong closure materials, thinner isolation layers, and proprietary zinc materials on alkaline batteries to provide stable power over the battery’s service life. Duracell uses a mesh screen on the button-type lithium battery to make the contact of the cathode better, which can provide lower impedance for better performance. Compared with competing products, the cathode position is inconsistent, resulting in lower utilization and poor performance. This poor cathode can manufacturing technology will produce higher impedance, especially in high current applications, its performance poor performance.

Duracell is also optimized for IoT device designs, as new technologies and devices are heavily battery-operated, positively influencing the demand for primary lithium batteries. Taking the CR123 coin-type lithium battery as an example, Duracell has optimized the design of the CR123 to provide about 40% better low-pulse load discharge than its main competitors on IoT devices using the discharge type (reproducing periodic data). transmission), major competitors suffer from the lithium anode cut-off effect, causing devices to stop working prematurely.

Professional battery provides stable power for wireless IoT devices

High-quality batteries for IoT device needs

In order to meet the wireless connection requirements of IoT devices, the PROCELL battery series launched by Duracell includes various standard size alkaline batteries, special size special alkaline batteries, as well as various sizes of lithium batteries, and application Rechargeable battery on request.

Take the wireless smart thermostat as an example, it can measure temperature and detect the occupancy of people. The thermostat can maximize the temperature comfort within the coverage area. Usually, a Wi-Fi smart thermostat can be connected to multiple temperature sensors. At this time, pulse high current discharge is mainly used. At this time, it is suitable to use Duracell CR2477 button-type lithium battery.

In IoT smart home security applications, such as control panels, wireless switches and other products in smart home controllers, CR2450, CR2032 button-type lithium batteries are suitable. In security application products such as detectors, AA, AAA, 9V, PROCELL core AA, CR123 batteries are suitable. In the contact sensors and door and window sensors used in alarm applications, CR2032, CR2025, CR1632, CR2477 button type are suitable. lithium battery.

In other smart products, such as cabinet door locks, rolling shutter doors, electronic locks and other smart door lock applications, CR123, CR2450, CR2032, 9V, AA batteries are suitable. In addition, for some non-contact sanitary ware, such as disinfection sprayer, paper towel dispenser, air filter, etc., it is suitable to use CR2032, CR2025, AA, D batteries, measuring pens in industrial instruments, laser distance meters, electronic scales, etc. Products, it is suitable for AA, AAA, 9V batteries. Duracell’s professional PROCELL battery series products will be able to meet the battery needs of various smart products.


Thanks to the rapid development of low-power connection technology, the application of batteries in smart IoT products is becoming more and more common. Therefore, choosing a professional and high-quality battery will help the device to operate stably and reduce the frequency of battery replacement. Duracell’s PROCELL battery series can meet the needs of a variety of IoT devices, and will be the best partner for these smart products.

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