Focus on the CITE2021 Xinchuang Summit and look at the trillion-level potential market

Driven by the wave of digitalization, the field of science and technology has become a place of competition for many countries around the world. Breaking the shackles of technology and strengthening the strategic support of scientific and technological self-reliance is not only an inevitable requirement for my country to enter a new stage of development, but also a key point for maintaining economic security and stability in the post-epidemic period. In this context, the Xinchuang industry, as the safe base of the new digital infrastructure, will play a more important role in improving the ecology of the domestic information industry and stimulating the development of the new economy.

Policy investment to escort

2020 is the first year for the Xinchuang industry to land. The State Council and various ministries and commissions have intensively launched a number of policies to help the development of the Xinchuang industry, including the “Overall Plan for Promoting the Construction of the National Technology Innovation Center (Interim)”, “Promoting the Integrated Circuit Industry and Software in the New Era” Several Policies for High-Quality Development of Industries”, “Guiding Opinions on Expanding Investment in Strategic Emerging Industries, Cultivating and Strengthening New Growth Points and Growth Levels”, etc., and in terms of finance and taxation, it is clear that corporate income tax related to the integrated circuit industry and software industry will be reduced or exempted, up to a maximum of exemptions. 10-year corporate income tax.

The traction of top-level design has been continuously strengthened, and local governments have also actively created high-quality growth space for the Xinchuang industry. By the end of 2020, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provinces and cities have clarified the development methods and specific goals of the local Xinchuang industry in their regional plans. Combined with this year’s government work report emphasizing “strengthening national strategic scientific and technological strength” as the primary task of enhancing scientific and technological innovation capabilities, the industry believes that, entering the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, relevant policies will continue to increase to promote the stability of the localized information technology ecosystem. developing.

At the same time, there are frequent developments in the investment and construction of Xinchuang in various places. At the end of last year, Guangdong Yunfu ushered in the signing and settlement of 16 key Xinchuang projects, with a total investment of 15.5 billion yuan. At the beginning of this year, the Hefei-Shenzhou Digital Xinchuang Headquarters Base was unveiled, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. It is currently the largest single project among China’s Xinchuang industry system integrators. The recent establishment of the Xinchuang Expert Committee of the China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association and the Xinchuang Special Committee of the Tianjin National Defense Science and Technology Industry Association has also contributed to the Xinchuang industry.

Super trillion market is poised to take off

Benefiting from various good news, my country’s Xinchuang industry is gradually building a new development situation with the state and scientific research institutions as the guidance and large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises as practical breakthroughs. According to statistics from the world of research, my country’s self-controllable market size in 2020 will be 1.05 trillion yuan. It is expected that the replacement space in the domestic chip field will reach 22 billion in the next three years, and the domestic system replacement space in the Xinchuang field will reach 26.4 billion.

According to the “White Paper on the Development of China’s Xinchuang Industry (2021)” released by the China Institute of Electronics and Zhongcheng Think Tank, a public institution directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, according to preliminary estimates, the global computing industry market space in 2023 will be 1.14 trillion US dollars, and the Chinese computing industry market space will be 104.3 billion US dollars. , close to 10% of the world. According to the estimation of 50% of the market size of Xinchuang, the market size of China’s Xinchuang will exceed 365 billion yuan in 2023, and it is expected to release a trillion-level market size in 2030.

Land application multi-point flowering

Starting from the inclusion of “Nuclear High Base” as a major science and technology project in 2006, my country’s Xinchuang has gone through more than ten years of development, and gradually formed a huge industrial chain, mainly consisting of basic hardware, basic software, application software, information security 4 parts composition. After years of pilot application, the product has evolved from “available” to “easy to use”, with a certain degree of maturity, and has entered a comprehensive promotion stage since 2020.

Judging from the specific application and implementation, the promotion and implementation of Xinchuang products on the party and government side has been fully launched, which can effectively cope with the challenges of “difficulty in resource sharing, interconnection and business coordination” faced by the modernization of the party’s political system and governance capacity. The timing of localization replacement work in industries such as finance and power has also been clarified, and it is being jointly promoted by multiple ministries and commissions.

The gathering of heroes brings fruitful results

Facing the trillion-level Xinchuang market, industry manufacturers take independent research and development of technical products and specific application promotion as the common goal. From April 9th ​​to 11th, representative enterprises such as Feiteng Company, Kingdee Tianyan, China Great Wall, Tianjin Kirin, Kingsoft Office, Yongzhong Software, Digital Technology Network, and Panwei will gather in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the 9th China Electronics The Information Expo (referred to as “CITE 2021”) fully showcases the latest development achievements of Xinchuang to the industry. It is understood that these enterprises have excellent performance in the localization process and marketization selection, and have won a good reputation.

Feiteng is a leading independent core chip provider in China, dedicated to the improvement of single-core and full-chip performance of CPU chips, focusing on the development and application of CPU chip security technology, and jointly promoting product development based on independent security platforms with industry partners , and the application of joint solutions to jointly build an independent information industry ecology.

As a leader in middleware technology, Kingdee Tianyan is deeply involved in the core technology of national software. The newly launched Kingdee Apusic application server middleware is one of the 9 products in the world that complies with Jakarta EE 8 specifications. It has the original embedded security middleware function, which can provide real-time security protection for the application systems running on it, and actively discover application layer security. Vulnerabilities and timely and effective attack defense to ensure user application information security.

The Great Wall of China, the representative enterprise of the national team of the Internet and information industry, will release new products such as independent and secure ultra-thin notebooks, desktop microcomputers, and all-in-one desktop microcomputers at the CITE2021 site. The innovative manufacturing results are highly localized, and the hard core shows the importance of a great country. technological strength.

Tianjin Kirin will specially exhibit terminal products based on FT-2000/4 and Tengrui D2000, server products based on Tengyun S2500, and Feiteng’s innovation in government innovation, key domestic industries, security, 5G, AI and Applications in scenarios such as cloud games.

Yongzhong Software is one of the core representatives of domestic basic software products. It has been deeply involved in the basic office field for more than 20 years. With the Yongzhong Office office software with completely independent intellectual property rights as the core, it has built an efficient and intelligent office platform, providing safe, efficient and intelligent office software. comprehensive office solutions. It is also worth mentioning that Kingsoft Office, the leading enterprise of office software, will also make a heavy appearance at the exhibition site.

Beijing Digital Technology Network Dimension focuses on layout technology research and development and informatization application, and is also one of the first batch of shortlisted enterprises in the field of Xinchuang. Its OFD products have a number of original core technologies, which are widely used in the party, government, military and enterprise market in the field of innovation, with a market share of more than 85%.

Shanghai Fanwei focuses on the R&D and service of collaborative office software, and is the earliest Encore collaboration platform in the industry. With its powerful engine function, Panwei OA system builds personalized application scenarios that meet business needs for organizations in various industries, and meets the needs of major organizations for online telecommuting in an intelligent, platform-based, and full-process digital way.

It is reported that during CITE2021, the Xinchuang Industry Summit also attracted many industry entrepreneurs to attend. On April 10th, the Xinchuang Industry Summit will jointly focus on the four aspects of “breaking through core technologies, ensuring network security, creating an industrial ecology, and promoting innovative applications” of the Xinchuang industry. Click to explore.

As the best window to show China’s Electronic information industry to the world in an all-round way, CITE actively builds an international open communication platform for the industry, fully demonstrating the spiritual connotation of “jointly building an ecology and creating a better future”, in order to promote sincere cooperation in the industry and jointly realize the full realization of information The industrial chain is independent and controllable.

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Focus on the CITE2021 Xinchuang Summit and look at the trillion-level potential market

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Focus on the CITE2021 Xinchuang Summit and look at the trillion-level potential market

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Focus on the CITE2021 Xinchuang Summit and look at the trillion-level potential market

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