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The dust has settled! AI Daniel Jia Jiaya left Tencent Youtu and founded Simou Technology

According to Lei’s AI technology review news, Jia Jiaya, a former Tencent outstanding scientist, head of Youtu Lab’s X-Lab, and a tenured professor of the Department of Computer Science… Read more »

Baidu’s First Apollo Ecological Conference: Officially Announced the Autonomous Driving Platform Upgrade Strategy

On December 18, Baidu stated at its first Apollo Ecological Partner Conference that Apollo officially announced the strategic upgrade of the autonomous driving platform to the joint development of the… Read more »

Aiming at the problem of GPT-3 landing, the first 100 billion Chinese model “Pangu” came out, specializing in enterprise-level applications

The Chinese pre-trained language model has hundreds of billions of parameters, and it is customized for the industry. If you are an NLP practitioner, you may find that the recent… Read more »