Aixin Yuanzhi was selected as one of the top 50 Chinese AI chip companies in GTIC 2022 to demonstrate China’s innovative power

[Introduction]Shanghai, China, August 30, 2022 – Aixin Yuanzhi, a representative company in the field of AI vision chips, announced that it was invited to attend the GTIC 2022 Global AI Chip Summit held in Shenzhen from August 26 to 27, and served as China AI The outstanding innovative strength of chip companies has been listed on the list of “2022 China’s Top 50 AI Chip Companies”.

Aixin Yuanzhi was selected as one of the top 50 Chinese AI chip companies in GTIC 2022 to demonstrate China’s innovative power

As a high-level industry conference, the GTIC 2022 Global AI Chip Summit, with the theme of “Less Smart Computing Future”, brings together industry-university-research investment experts and entrepreneurial pioneer representatives from the field of AI chips to showcase the underlying innovation and implementation of intelligent computing. The latest situation, the release of the list of “2022 China’s Top 50 AI Chip Enterprises” is also the finale of the summit.

It is reported that the list is comprehensively judged based on six dimensions of core technical strength, team organization, market prospects, commercial landing progress, latest financing progress, and domestic alternative value, so as to select the current AI chip field with outstanding achievements and innovation potential The 50 Chinese companies in the exhibition showcase the Chinese chip design power that is endlessly born, from catching up to leading. This selection means that Aixin Yuanzhi’s leading strength in the field of AI visual perception chips has once again gained widespread attention and recognition in the industry.

At the edge AI chip topic forum held on the morning of the 27th, Liu Jianwei, co-founder and vice president of Aixin Yuanzhi, also shared the theme of “Mixed Precision NPU Accelerates the Development of End-Side AI Visual Perception Chips”, and further introduced the guests to the meeting. Aixin Yuanzhi’s technical exploration and implementation of AI chips on the edge side and end-side. According to him, based on the two core technologies in perception and computing, Aixin Yuanzhi, which was established only three years ago, has successfully mass-produced two generations of four chips, which are deployed in the fields of smart cities, consumer electronics, and smart transportation.

At present, AI technology continues to develop, and more and more application scenarios are implemented on the device side and edge side, which brings increasing demand for computing power. For edge-side and end-side AI chip companies, facing more diverse application scenarios, not only must optimize the underlying technology, but also must seize the time window to accelerate the large-scale implementation of chips and corresponding solutions.

As a company positioning artificial intelligence perception and computing basic computing power platform, Aixin Yuanzhi not only provides AI chips, but also scene-oriented solutions, assisting ecological partners in collaborative design from chips, applications to algorithms. As China’s AI chip industry enters a new journey, Aixin Yuanzhi will continue to “practice” its internal strength, deeply integrate with the industry, and move forward firmly towards the goal of “building a world-leading AI chip”.

About Aixin Yuanzhi:

Aixin Yuanzhi (formerly known as Aixin Technology) was established in May 2019 and is committed to building the world’s leading artificial intelligence vision chip. The company focuses on the development of high-performance, low-power edge-side and end-side artificial intelligence processor chips, and independently develops neural network processor IP for inference acceleration.

Combining powerful computing power and ultra-low power consumption, Aixinyuanzhi uses pixel-level AI processing technology to create an industry-leading AI-ISP self-developed IP, which comprehensively improves imaging effects in various complex application scenarios. Aicine’s core technology products are widely used in visual application scenarios such as smart cities, smart transportation, smart manufacturing and smart wear.

Aixin has set up a full-featured team from chip design, R&D to production, and has rich experience in product planning and product implementation. As of January 2022, Aixin Yuanzhi has completed the A++ round of financing. The overall financing process was smooth, and the company’s development direction was highly recognized by investors.

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