Accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence, China Mobile’s cloud games lead new ways of playing in the 5G era

On November 1, the 2021 China Mobile Global Partner Conference was held in Guangzhou. China Mobile has built a 5G+ large-scale digital and intelligent exhibition hall, and has built an all-round digital and intelligent full-scene immersive experience ecology with omnipresent network, ubiquitous computing power, and omnipresent intelligence. As an innovative product in the field of digital intelligence, China Mobile cloud games presented high-quality and classic game content at the exhibition, vividly interpreting the new 5G gameplay.

5G empowers digital intelligence to recreate classics

With the maturity of 5G+AICDE technology, the cloud game industry has entered the fast lane of development. China Mobile’s cloud game platform, Migu Kuaiyou, constantly innovates user experience, meets players’ diversified entertainment needs through Yipin’s cross-end product architecture, and deeply creates 5G+ full-scene immersive experience. In this exhibition, Migu Kuaiyou, through the classic IP games “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII” and “Final Fantasy 15”, comprehensively demonstrated the innovation of cloud games for seamless switching and cross-screen interaction between mobile phones, TVs, PCs and other terminals. play.

It is reported that the cloud game version of “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII” will be launched simultaneously on the Migu Kuaiyou App and TV on October 30. This time, Migu Kuaiyou will give full play to the advantages of the cloud network and the edge and end capabilities, and will pass the sword seven through 5G. The cloud technology has been upgraded with digital intelligence, and the game picture quality and controllability have been greatly improved.

Self-developed high-quality products spread excellent culture

High-quality content is the key to the healthy development of the cloud gaming industry. China Mobile Migu has stepped up efforts to aggregate high-quality game cloud versions, and actively supports the “three highs” games with high quality, high image quality and high frame rate, live interactive games, and the R&D and promotion of innovative products based on cloud capabilities. In this conference, Migu brought an important work in the field of aviation culture and creativity – the first air combat competitive game “Blue Sky Guardian” with real domestic fighter IP. With the help of the form of 5G cloud games, the air combat simulation training in “Guardian of the Blue Sky” is more realistic, not only allowing users to enjoy the immersive competitive gaming experience as if they were there, but also helping to vividly Display Chinese aviation culture and other high-quality content. .

Gaming + Sports Broaden the Boundaries of Home Entertainment

The characteristics of cloud games reduce the computing power requirements of user terminal equipment, creating a broad market growth space for the game industry. At present, Migu Kuaiyou has penetrated into the large home screen of China Mobile, and has further improved the game interaction experience in the living room scene through screen optimization, handle adaptation and cross-screen interaction. In this exhibition, family interactive games represented by Migu VR game “Fantasy Ski” and somatosensory game “Easy Badminton” attracted much attention.

According to reports, Migu’s VR game “Fantasy Ski”, with the blessing of 5G technology, highly simulates the real scene of skiing. Players wear VR equipment and wave the “ski pole” in their hands to experience the 6dof game on the all-in-one computer. Immersive skiing experience. Migu Kuaiyou TV game “Easy Badminton” is a clever combination of badminton and artificial intelligence technology. Players control the game through body movements, not only obtaining the pleasure of the game, but also achieving the effect of sports. At present, China Mobile’s 5G cloud game TV version has been launched in the sports and leisure area, covering popular sports and leisure games such as basketball, badminton, and tennis. The ingenious combination of games and sports will help to further open up the home game market in the post-epidemic era, and home interactive entertainment represented by cloud games is expected to become a new trend.

Digital competition makes more people fall in love with technology sports

Migu not only accelerates the deployment of cloud games, but also strives to create a new more digital and intelligent competitive experience. At the exhibition site, Migu brought a robot competition, and by manipulating the robot competition, the audience could feel the unique charm brought by the digital competition. Not long ago, Migu and Yadian Sports obtained the exclusive operation authorization for the official exhibition competition of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. This is the first time in the history of an intercontinental comprehensive sports event to set up a technology sports event, which means that technology sports athletes will make their debut in the Asian Games. Sports stage, representing the country to show the demeanor of “digital intelligence competition” sports.

China Mobile Cloud Games will continue to adhere to technological innovation and content innovation, cooperate with all parties in the industry to build a new digital and intelligent ecosystem, and expand and strengthen the cloud game circle of friends.

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